• Change Academy

    What if you could trade resistance to change for engagement?

    Don’t force people to change, but engage them emotionally. Discover how you can guide people through change in a positive and interactive way. This creates momentum and motivates people to creatively and effectively tackle even the most challenging problems.

Change academy

Enjoy turning the latest scientific insights into practice by experimenting, playing games, engaging in discussion rounds, participating in practice labs, role-playing, presenting, peer coaching and so on. The interactive training experiments have a long-lasting impact and are easy to apply at work.
– 4 modules of 2 consecutive days over 6 months to inspire interactive change
– A weekly Positive Experiment video to keep making practical progress
– The best of in-person and online training combined
– The perfect match for change facilitators who want to bring about positive change


The modules

Module I

Leading people through change

– How change impacts us differently and what phases we go through
– What ingredients are needed to make a change succeed or fail miserably
– How to persuade people to get out of their comfort zones
– How to guide people through change effectively in an interactive
and co-creative way, including plenty of change methods
like appreciative inquiry, SOAR, Simu-real,
Fishbowl, Open Space, Mastermind etc.

Module II

Communicating clearly and engagingly

– How you communicate effectively with different personalities
and lead them effectively through change.
– How to make your change story persuasive
and resonate on a logical, emotional and authentic level.
– How to write or record a clear and welcoming change invitation
– How to engage participants during a session
and moderate a session like a pro using facilitation techniques
such as deep listening, curious questioning,
being present, pressing pause, and saying ‘so’.
– How positive communication works like magic in change to create
emotional engagement and when not to use it..
and what strategies to use instead.

Module III

Design your own change workshop

– How to design your own change workshop
using the 8-step workshop design plan
– How to use inspiring methods and cool new tools
for your workshop design
– How to facilitate your workshop like a pro that reads the room
and improvises based on the group’s needs
and whatever happens during the day
– How you can design and moderate an online,
on location
or hybrid change session
– the differences, dos and don’ts.

Module IV

Change trouble-shooting

– How to deal with resistance in change.
– How to deal with emotional reactions to change
and different reaction types, including an unexpected
conversation practice lab.
– How to deal with uncertainty.
– How to give space for difficult experiences in the team
and talk about difficult emotions with teammates
– including practice lab.
– Including a change lab to tackle your own change case.

What our participants say

‘Lisette is super open and you can tell that she enjoys her job, which she also transfers onto the participants.’

‘Very engaging and entertaining.’

‘Good way of giving a training - especially because of the small group exercises that actively involved us again and again. Great insights for our individual cases.’

‘Lisette is a super trainer! Practical, great examples, very varied and informative training! GREAT!’