• Leadership Academy

    Excel as a people-oriented leader with stellar team performance

    The Positive Experiments Leadership Academy enables you to make your team members shine, give feedback for growth like a pro, communicate persuasively for different personalities and effectively lead them through change. A perfect match for first-time managers. Enjoy the best of in-person and online training at once.

Leadership Academy

Enjoy turning the latest scientific insights into practice by experimenting, playing games, engaging in discussion rounds, participating in practice labs, role-playing, presenting, peer coaching and so on. The interactive training experiments have a long-lasting impact and are easy to apply at work.
– 6 modules of 2 consecutive days over 6 months to up your leadership skills
– A weekly Positive Experiment video to keep making practical progress
– The best of in-person and online training combined
– The perfect match for first-time managers that want to lead their team more effectively


The modules

Module I

Lead yourself
& others

– Lead situationally
– Lead yourself by utilising strengths, establishing habits, managing your time and energy like a pro


Module II

Motivating communication
& collaboration

– Discover what motivates people
– Communicate and collaborate effectively with different personalities
– Hold effective conversations
– Give persuasive talks

Module III

Giving feedback & holding performance conversations

– Set expectations and motivating goals
– Give and receive feedback with Radical Candor
– Hold stellar performance conversations


Module IV

Develop your team
& manage conflict

– Fast-track your team’s development
– Nurture trust and a safe environment for people to flourish
– Manage conflicts effectively

Module V


– Guide change interactively and co-creatively
– Deal with emotional reactions and resistance to change
– Design change workshops in 8 steps
– Deal with uncertainty and develop resilience

Module VI

& counter bias

– Negotiate effectively
– Counter unconscious bias and create a high-performance and fair workspace
– Set yourself up for success: how you can face your next leadership challenge




What our participants say

“Lisette is very positive and motivating. It is a lot of fun to work with her. She is very flexible in addressing topics that the participants brought with them.”

“I am very positively surprised that it was not the typical “I’m the trainer, you're the student" training. There was a nice balance between input, working in groups and trying stuff ourselves, which meant that it was never boring.”

“Very good moderation and incredibly good mood —> extremely motivating!”

“For me How to give feedback properly was particularly useful and I was able to apply it successfully at work the next day! Overall, I now feel much more confident in interacting with colleagues.”